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lines of defence

38 flags in five lines on wooden posts, set one metre apart, appliqued letters

installation 15 january 2005
eroded 16 september 2005

Lines of Defence (time-lapse film 30 minutes, Bettina Furnée & Tim Sidell, 2008)

The 2006 edit of this film is included in the DVD.

Lines of Defence (raw footage time-lapse, high definition, Dylan Banarse)

"Lines of Defence", East Lane, Bawdsey, Bettina Furneé, 2005
Camera and technical support by 2ne1.

The camera image archive is available to view all the camera images.

A quick overview of the erosion to date is available.

lines of defence complete formation

'Lines of Defence' complete formation, four weeks after installation
05-02-12 11:15 GMT

lines of defence sign post and SPEED

Images by courtesy of www.geographyphotos.com/bawdseyth.html


'Lines of Defence', when installed on 15th January 2005, consisted of 38 flags in five lines, each one meter apart, positioned on the eroding cliffs 60 m. south of Martello Tower W, East Lane, Bawdsey, Suffolk.

Letters on the flags spelled out SUBMISSION IS ADVANCING AT A FRIGHTFUL SPEED, a text sourced by Simon Frazer for its reference to climate change and the essentially fearful reaction which prompts people to go to war.

A camera was positioned at Martello Tower W, looking south towards the harbours of Felixstowe and Harwich. The tower is less than 10 m. away from the cliff's edge and is the focus of a local campaign to fund sea defences. The camera recorded the progress of the work by taking one image every 15 minutes from 15th January 2005 to 15th January 2006.

The final flag fell from the cliff on 16th September 2005; making the loss of land 14 metres in the first 8 months of 2005. At this point along the coast a total of 17 metres eroded in one full year. To mark this spot one white flag was placed 17 metres from the cliff's edge on 6th January 2006.

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